Dovydas Gutmanas

Rhinoplasty surgeon
rinoplastika nosies plastikos chirurgas chirurgai LOR Dovydas Gutmanas plastika korekcija plastine operacija tiesinimas galiuko kaina kaunas septopastika pertvara kauno kaune angina

Doctor otorhinolaryngologist specializes in rhinology, functional and aesthetic surgery of the nose. In 2004 graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Vilnius University and acquired professional qualification of doctor specialist. After residency studies in the Hospital of Kaunas University of Medicine in 2008 acquired professional qualification of otorhinolaryngologist. The doctor has 10 years of working experience.

Areas of expertise:

  • Functional and aesthetic nose surgery 
  • Nasal hump correction. Nostrils and nasal bridge correction; nasal tip definition, nasal narrowing or reduction, nasolabial angle correction, nasal septum correction, 

    Acute and old nasal trauma treatment
  • Non-surgical correction of the nose with fillers (Juvederm, Filorga, Restylane, Teosyal);
  • Diagnosis and treatment of the ears, nose and throat for children and adults (inflammations of the ears, nose and throat, nasal polyps, enlarged adenoids, breathing disorders, benign and malignant tumors of the ears, nose and throat, etc.).

Interships in Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia.

Participation in international congresses in the Baltic States and other countries.

Doctor’s patients are well known in Lithuania: politicians, businesspeople, actors, singers, journalists, artists, etc.

The interviews with the doctor are released in different means of mass media.

Appointments Appointments

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