Vaginal laser treatment

2018 November 12 d.
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Juliet is the revolutionary laser treatment for women’s intimate health

The Juliet laser treatment is fast, safe and painless and has already changed the life of thousands of women all around the world. It is a gentle treatment, performed by mean of a laser that, using the beneficial effects of light on the skin, is able to stimulate the vaginal mucosa to produce new collagen. The specially designed STERI-SPOT handpiece allows for an easy insertion and for a very intuitive use and handling. It is delivered in single, sterile packages and is intended for single use only, guaranteeing you the maximum hygiene.

Unpleasant symptoms such as genital itching, irritation, poor vaginal lubrication, vaginal dryness and even pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) can today be dramatically improved and finally solved thanks to the cutting-edge Erbium:YAG technology of the Juliet laser treatment by Asclepion.

The Juliet laser treatment is the gentle solution to rejuvenate your femininity. Fast, painless and safe, with no downtime and no need of anesthesia.

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