1.1. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Policy) is intended for UAB “Grožio pasaulis” (hereinafter referred to as the Company) clients (both individuals and legal entities) who use the Company's website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) and any services provided on it, to inform people about the information that the Company collects and how it is used. 
1.2. The Privacy Policy does not specify or define the purposes and procedure for the processing and collection of personal data, the scope of personal data collected, etc. The personal data collected by the Company are processed in accordance with the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania.
1.3. The Services provided on the Company’s Website include reading (use) the published information, submission and receipt of any kind of information and/or data, and all other services which the Company provides may provide on the Website in the future (hereinafter referred to as the Services).
1.4. The person receiving or using the Services unconditionally agrees with this Privacy Policy. If the person does not agree with the Privacy Policy and the rules set out therein, he or she has no right to use the Website and the Services provided therein.
1.5. The Company reserves the right to review the Privacy Policy at any time, and such changes will take effect from the date of their publication on the Company's website on Persons intending to use the Services provided on the Company's Website are advised to familiarise with the latest version of the Privacy Policy. 

2.1. All information that the Company collects from the individual is submitted to the Company in accordance with the principles of voluntariness in and fairness and the completeness of the information. The Company does not verify the information provided by the person and assumes that the information provided by the person is complete and correct.
2.2. It is assumed that the person, by visiting the Company's website and using the Services provided by it, consents to the collection and use, for any purposes not prohibited by the existing and applicable laws, the anonymous information collected from such person or provided by him relating to the fact that cannot be applied to an individual.
2.3. While using the Web site, a person may be required to fill in registration form. In this case, the person will be required to provide his/her personal data. The Company shall have the right, at its own discretion, to use the information provided by the person in all possible legal ways.
2.4. Anonymous information collected by the Company is divided as follows:
2.4.1. IP address. Each time upon logging into the website, the Company will automatically record the IP address of the logging person and the internet address of the last web site which the person visited before entering the website.
2.4.2. Cookies mean a small text document with a unique identification number that is transmitted from a web site to a personal computer in order to track a personal computer, a browser type and to see the person's activity on the Internet. The unique number identifies a person's browser every time a person visits the website. Cookies do not allow to remember personal information (such as a person's name and address). Websites use cookies to track statistics, such as the number of visits to the website, and traffic. Such information is not necessary related to personal information. The company also uses cookies to provide the person with information corresponding to his or her interests and to facilitate the search for information so that the person does not need to retrieve the information once found, by re-logging into the website every time. A person may disable the use of cookies at any time, but some features or services may not function or will function improperly without cookies.
2.5. In certain cases, in order to ensure the provision of specific Services ordered by the person (for example, VAT invoicing, ordering of Services on behalf of a legal entity), the Company may collect information about legal persons from the persons who are representatives of such legal entities. The following information may be collected:
2.5.1. name of the legal entity;
2.5.2. bank or other financial institution account number;
2.5.3. VAT payer’s code;
2.5.4. legal entity’s code;
2.5.5. legal entity’s address;
2.5.6. other information;
2.6. The information listed in subparagraphs of paragraph 2.5 of the Privacy Policy is collected from persons who are the representatives of legal persons on which the information is provided; such information shall be provided by representatives on a voluntary basis. The Company is not obliged and shall not verify the information or credentials submitted by the representatives of legal entities. The person shall be liable according to the laws for provision of false or misleading Information. The Company may use the information collected about the legal entity represented by a person for any purposes which are not in conflict with legal acts.
2.7. In certain cases, the Company may need additional information or personal data about a person in order to adapt the procedure of the provision of services to the individual needs of the person, or to provide the Services of a higher quality. Such additional information or personal data are collected in accordance with the principles of volunteering, justice, and comprehensiveness of information. If additional anonymous information is collected, it shall be collected in accordance with applicable laws. 

3.1. The Company shall have the right to use all information and data collected, in any way not prohibited by law. Below in this section you will find examples of how certain information or personal data are used. These examples shall in no way restrict the Company's right to use the collected information or data in the ways other than those specified in Article 3.
3.2. Personal contact details (e-mail address, tel. number and others) are used to:
3.2.1. effectively perform transactions and the implement individual orders;
3.2.2. perform the analysis of quality assurance, sales and/or other activities;
3.2.3. enable the person to participate in the loyalty programs offered by the Company or its partners;
3.2.4. provide the most up-to-date useful information to persons related to personal needs and services provided by the Company or its partners;
3.2.5. properly implement the possibility offered for individuals to pay online for the services provided by the Company;
3.2.6. with the consent of the person, inform about events, special offers or any other information chosen by the person.
3.3. Personal billing data (bank account number and other details) are used for the proper provision of the Services and for performing transactions on the website, delivering the goods and services ordered by the person, invoicing, applying discounts or offering loyalty programs to the person in which the person wants and can participate, etc.
3.4. In order to properly provide the Services and execute transactions (for example, payment for services through electronic banking), the Company may, pursuant to the applicable laws, provide certain personal data to third parties (service providers, banks, financial institutions).
3.5. The Company shall use the personal demographic information (data) (address, IP address) for business analysis or for adapting the website content to the interests of persons. The company may share generalised anonymous and/or anonymous demographic information with other third parties. Such information shall be provided to third parties without being linked to a particular person and shall be provided to third parties in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation.
3.6. Any person may refuse to receive advertising e-mails sent by the Company at any time and has the right to object to the processing of his or her data for the purpose of direct marketing. The disagreement is expressed by not checking the sentence “I agree to receive news and offers”. Persons can also unsubscribe from the newsletters of information by checking the link ”Refuse the news” at the bottom of each newsletter.
3.7. Any person may object to the processing of his or her data by the Company. Subject to the provisions of this section, a person may revoke his or her consent or object to disclosure of certain information after submitting a refusal to the Company or contacting the Company as described in section 7. In addition, as required by law, a person can reasonably and free of charge oppose to the processing of his or her personal information, and the Company will apply personal preferences from that moment onwards. Upon receipt of a person's request to withdraw the consent to use data, the Company will remove personal data from any subscription lists or third-party communications devices.

4.1. The Company may disclose personal data or information provided by a person when such disclosure is required by applicable law or by the competent authorities. The Company may also disclose personal data or information only when this is not prohibited by law and only when objectively justified in a specific case (for example, when applying to law enforcement authorities for an investigation of a criminal offense, etc.).
4.2. Information or personal data are forwarded to third parties to the extent and in the way not contrary to the legislation valid and applicable in the specific situation.

5.1. The website contains security measures to protect against any loss, misuse, or modification of Company-controlled controlling information or personal data.
5.3. Any login to the web site information or personal data traffic and/or databases shall be strictly maintained and regulated.
5.4. Data transmitted over the Internet are not completely secure. The company cannot guarantee complete data security, but obligates to take all necessary steps to protect the information sent to it (the company) electronically. You will be sending any data at your own risk. 
5.5. The Company is not responsible for the processing of personal data through third-party websites. For personal convenience and information, the Company's website may contain links to other websites. The Company assumes no responsibility for the privacy provisions of third party websites, the content of the information provided and information provided even when you get access to them via the links on the website as the Company does not maintain and control them. The Company recommends that you familiarize yourself with privacy provisions of each web site individually.
5.6. Upon submission of your identity document to the Company, the person shall have the right to request the correction of false, incomplete, inaccurate personal data and/or suspension of processing of such personal data, except for the storage, if he/she is aware of his/her personal data, and finds that his/her personal data are incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate. In the event that the person, having been given access to his or her personal data, finds that his or her personal data are processed illegally, unfairly, has the right to request in writing the Company to immediately destroy personal data collected unlawfully and fraudulently or to suspend the actions of processing of such personal data, except for storage.
5.7. When submitting written legal objections, the person shall have right to object to the processing of his data due to a legitimate interest pursued by the Company or third parties to whom personal data is submitted.

6.1. The Company shall manage the data are in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania. This law entitles individuals to have access to the personal data processed by the Company by submitting an application to the State Data Protection Inspectorate. This Service is provided for the consideration in the amount is the fight by the Government.

7.1. You may contact the Company by submitting queries, requests or comments on the Company's Privacy Policy, also requesting to upgrade the Company's information about the person or personal options. Please feel free to contact us with any questions by e-mail: or by tel.: +370 (37) 313 900.


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